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This month we are very excited to introduce Voap to Uplift Organic Hair. 

  • 100% naturally made with the freshest ingredients.
  • So many flavours which would you choose?
  • Exclusive to Uplift Organic Hair  - £3 each or 2 for £5

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June 2018

Salon Business Awards

After only 8 months since we opened our Vegan Organic Salon, we couldn't believe that we were finalists for Green Salon of the year and Ultimate Salon of the year with Salon Business Magazine. It feels absolutely amazing to be recognised and praised for our efforts to promote looking fabulous without damaging the environment. 

What Salon Business Magazine had to say:

Celebrating success

The Grand Final of the Salon Business Awards 2018 went off with a bang as nearly 300 guests filled The Mondrian’s exclusive rooftop bar on Monday night.

Guests arrived to the decadent Rumpus Room, with a view across London’s skyline, ready to see who would be taking home the 15 awards up for grabs.

Salon Business Awards Founder and host Joanne Charlton said: “This was the fifth year of the awards and it was the biggest and best yet – fine wine, delicious canapés, an amazing view and most importantly a crowd full of hugely talented hairdressers.”

The Grand Final followed months of activity including hundreds of hairdressers pitting themselves against their peers, a #SBAwards buzz across various social media channels and shed loads of organising behind the scenes at Salon Business HQ.

It paid off too as guests, made up of Salon Business Awards finalists, brand owners, PRs, members of the press and our esteemed judge and co-presenter Errol Douglas, got to watch the sun go down while celebrating their successes and networking, with many taking home an award.

May 2018

Plastic Pledge

The BBC's Blue Planet series 2, highlighted to the world the impact of human activity on marine life. This series featured plastic-strewn beaches that shown albatross parents unwittingly feeding their chicks plastic and mother dolphins potentially exposing their new-born calves to pollutants through their contaminated milk, this was the most watched TV programme of 2017. With the war on plastic gaining momentum it seems only natural for us at Uplift to ensure we do everything we possibly can to reduce our non recyclable waste.
Therefore we have decided to vow our plastic pledge and hope it inspires you to do the same and together we can we can strive to make a difference.

  • Organic Colour Systems packaging  is all fully recyclable. They also formulate all of their products so that they are biodegradable and can be safely washed down the sink. 
  • We are currently in the process of changing from disposable plastic caps to Hydrea Eco-Friendly PEVA Shower Cap. Unlike PVC, PEVA it does not contain toxic phthalates or mercury, or chlorine which emits harmful carcinogenic dioxins. PEVA is also biodegradable and recyclable as well as strong, waterproof and flexible. Therefore PEVA is much better for the environment and human health. Not to mention the caps are 100% Vegan and cruelty free. 

Hydrea London - Discover the BrandHydrea London is a natural body care tools & accessories range, with a strong commitment to ethical and environmentally sustainable procedures in the sourcing and manufacture of the products. Hydrea London have been officially FSC® certified for many years which means that they have established and are maintaining a chain of custody in a forest certification scheme ensuring all wooden items come from a sustainable and renewable source.

  • Here at Uplift we have upgraded to the Easydry technical capes. Easydry disposable shoulder capes - not a drop of water or hint of tint will get through their totally impermeable capes, ensuring clients are comfortable and their clothes safe.

Easydry - Discover the BrandEasydry towels are 100% biodegradable. They will fully biodegrade within 12 weeks. Easydry fibres are part of nature's cycle - they come from nature and return to nature. Easydry towels are recyclable and can be recycled with cardboard/paper waste. All packaging is compostable or recyclable

  • We only use paper bags in the salon that are made from 100% recycled materials. 


April 2018

Salon Business Magazine

On the 21st March 2018 we were lucky enough to be visited by Salon Business Magazine on behalf of Organic Colour Systems. Check out the link below to see what they had to say about us and the fabulous products we use.